My Filler Strong

My Filler Strong is a masterpiece. It is specifically recommended for big volume correction associated with facial contouring.

Recommended injection depth: the deep dermis to the periosteum.

My Filler Medium

My Filler Medium is the most popular product of My Filler family thanks to its general application properties. Using Medium, you will create a mid-sized volume and energetic hydration at the injected site.

My Filler Soft

My Filler Soft is recommended where you need a slight volume creation and a powerful hydration at the injected site.

Recommended injection depth: the superficial dermis

My Filler Glips

My Filler Glips is the first product of the My Filler range completely dedicated and exclusively made for lip treatments, such as volume and contouring

My Filler Man

“Inspired on the Millennial men, which is seeking for authenticity on personal care

products specially in the anti ageing treatments.”